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Our Media Campaigns

Washington State Starts with One Opioid Campaign 

Washington State YOU CAN Marijuana Campaign 

Washington States Starts with One Opioid Tribal Campaign 


West Spokane Wellness Partnerships Positive Social Norm Campaign

West Spokane Wellness Partnership implements a Positive Social Norm Media Campaign which is rooted in the Science of the Positive by Dr. Jeff Linkenbach. Because we are a data driven and data informed coalition, we want to ensure that we are correctly educating the public about the strengths of our youth, families, and community. We share our data in a positive and strengths-based light.

Learn more about the Science of the Positive here: and view our West Spokane Wellness Partnership Positive Social Norm Content here:

Our Prevention Programs

Guiding Good Choices

 Strengthening Families IOWA

Botvin Life Skills

Sport Prevention Plus Wellness

Positive Action

Too Good for Drugs


West Spokane Wellness Partnership Community Coalition

The West Spokane Wellness Partnership is made up of members who live, work, and travel through West Spokane. These include parents, social workers, law enforcement, probation officers, school administration, student intervention specialists and health care workers.

We must once per month on the third Tuesday of each month at 3:00 PM via ZOOM during the pandemic. We will be hosting quarterly in-person meetings at the West Central Community Center. Please email us for questions at

If you wish to become a West Spokane Wellness Partnership member, please register here.


Parenting Wisely

Parenting is hard, but Parenting Wisely can help. This highly interactive course is designed by family and social scientists to help parents with tips and tools to parent your children in difficult situations. Learn constructive skills proven to solve problem behaviors, family conflict, and more. This program is especially helpful for single parents.

Parenting Wisely


Not on Tobacco (NOT)

Tragically, about 95% of today’s tobacco users started using before the age of 21. E-cigarettes have escalated this problem, with over 5,700 kids starting to vape every day, according to the CDC. Not On Tobacco® (N-O-T) seeks to address this growing problem by giving all teens the resources they need to break nicotine dependency and find healthier outlets.

N-O-T: Not On Tobacco


Curriculum Based Support Groups (CBSG)

The Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG) Program is a unique, multi-cultural, evidence-based preventive intervention for selective and indicated populations. The program is designed for children and youth, ages 4-17, whose high-risk situations, attitudes and behaviors place them at elevated risk for future behavioral and health problems including substance abuse, delinquency and violence.

The Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG) Program

Things You Need to Know

Washington States Good Samaritan Law Protects You! Learn more at: and


Naloxone saves lives! Learn more at:


Washington State has a standing order prescription for Naloxone for anyone who wants and needs it. Learn more here: and

This website is funded with Drug Free Community Grant funds. The Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program is the nation’s leading effort to mobilize communities to prevent and reduce substance abuse among youth. Created in 1997 by the Drug-Free Communities Act, administered by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), and now managed by CDC, the DFC Program provides grants to community coalitions to strengthen the infrastructure among local partners to create and sustain a reduction in local youth substance use. Currently, ONDCP funds more than 700 community coalitions across the country in all 50 states. DFC grant recipients are awarded up to $125,000 per year, including West Spokane Wellness Partnership and Shadle Prevention Wellness Coalition service areas.